Vera S. (verasteine) wrote,
Vera S.

Housekeeping: a quick set of rules

Okay, so I've friended a lot of new people recently, and things on my flist have changed, so maybe it's time for me to do an introductory post/house rules thing? Nothing personal, just shit you should know if you read or comment on this journal.

(Also, hi, I'm Vera, in case we haven't met formally yet.)

#1 I am an opinionated sod. I'm also a bit radical. That's cool, you don't have to agree, and you are free to say so. I do however want this journal to be a safe space to as many people as possible, so please, no racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. of any kind. This includes me; you catch me slipping up, feel free to call me on it. I will listen, and I won't be offended.

#2 On the issue of safe space, this journal practices trigger warnings. (In the interest of full disclosure, I have triggers.) I will warn for mental health related issues and consent issues. If you have triggers or want to know about the content of an entry before reading and find either no trigger warning or find the trigger warning insufficiently clear, please feel free to PM and I'll be happy to go into detail for you.

#3 Since this one comes up often, I have banned diet talk, discussion of physical fitness as relates to weight loss or specific diets, and anything that infers being thinner is better from my life as much as I can. Therefore, commenters are requested not to express such sentiments in this journal. What you do in your own space is your own decision (although if you do and you're on my flist, using a cut is appreciated), but in my space, I respectfully request you refrain from it.

#4 I realise we are all in fandom and we are all shallow, and I do not exempt myself from that. However, body policing of any kind is not welcome. Expressing your dislike for someone's appearance is of course not a problem, but criticising people's appearance (including celebrities/objects of fandom interest) by artificial standards will make me snippy. This also applies to gender policing and gender essentialism. I am allergic.

Not a rule strictly for this journal, but people who are mutual friends and therefore on my flist: while, like I said above, I do not want to stop you expressing yourself in your own journal, LJ cuts for material you post containing the issues mentioned above would be appreciated and will aid in continuing our friendship.

Lastly, friending: feel free to friend me. That doesn't change. Whether I friend you back depends on a lot of factors, usually on whether I know you're a sane person or have never talked to you before. Fic is unlocked, will stay unlocked, and can always be found via the masterlist at the top of the page. I will occasionally unfriend people; if that happens to you and you want to know why, I'm open to questions.

Very lastly, I keep a rec list. Previously this was stored at Delicious, but I have moved with the mass fandom migration to Pinboard, which means I'm now here. Any questions about recs, especially your own, feel free.

Questions, comments, criticism welcome.
Tags: announcing at large, feminism: women are ppl too, friending, introduction, me, me and my opinions, mroaw! vera can bitch with the best, my ianto-ness is awesome, mystery that is fandom, plotting world domination, zeh flist

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