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Master Fic List

Master list is in order of appearance. Any warning(s) will be in the header of the story. Rating system by demotu, and explained here.
Last Updated: 02/06/2015
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Marvel Cinematic Universe
Two Flames
Rated: teen. Fix-it fic for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda Maximoff from the moment her brother dies until the end of the movie. Is it really that easy to go from hating them to joining the Avengers?

Hawaii Five-0
The Counting Days
Rated: explicit (sex). Coda for 5.04. Steve helps Danny to bring Matt home.

broken glass, bleeding
Rated: standard. A late night phone call from Catherine ends up changing a lot of things for Danny. Cath/Steve, Danny/Steve. Stand alone sequel to A Secret Island In Your Mind.

Different Crosses
Rated: standard. Danny didn't want Steve to be alone after the events of 3.10. Danny/Steve.

A Secret Island In Your Mind
Rated: standard. Cath watches Steve sleep. Cath/Steve, Danny/Steve.

The Only Easy Day
Rated: explicit (sex), explicit (themes). Joe has always been the person Steve goes to for absolution. Joe/Steve.

Paradise That Can Be Found
Rated: standard. Danny doesn't approve of the word, 'lover'. Danny/Steve & Kono.

I Give You Thanks For Receiving (It's My Privilege)
Rated: explicit (sex). Steve & Danny go skinny-dipping. Reaction porn to political events. Danny/Steve, co-authored with eumelia.

In These Hands
Rated: explicit (sex). The Sunday that Steve looks at Danny and realises. Danny/Steve, fluff.

the art of leaving and saying goodbye
Rated: explicit (sex), explicit (violence), mature (themes). AU in which Danny and Steve meet early 2007, when Danny is still married to Rachel and Steve is still an active Navy SEAL. Danny/Rachel, Danny/Steve.

A Long Day Coming (and Long Will It Last)
Rated: explicit (sex). Obligatory and predictable tag for 2.22. Danny takes Steve home. Danny/Steve.

Pull You In
Rated: explicit (sex). Danny & Steve on Sunday morning. Danny/Steve, quick fic written for kristen999.

No Indemnity
Rated: standard. Obligatory coda for 2.23. Steve comes home to Danny. Danny/Steve.

Whispers and Blades
Rated: standard. The world has an opinion on Danny & Steve, whether Danny likes it or not. Danny/Steve, written for queer_fest and eumelia's birthday.

Go Ahead And Affirm
Rated: standard. Danny & Steve following Obama's support for gay marriage. Comment fic co-authored with eumelia.

A Trail Of Sparks
Rated: explicit (sex), mature (themes). AU in which Steve is a stripper and Danny the cop who likes to watch him dance. Danny/Steve, written for the 'beer on the pier' square on my h50bingo card.

If Wishes Were Horses
Rated: standard. Danny's loudest in his absence. Gen, written for the 'limbo bar' square on my h50bingo card.

I Thought That Love Would Last Forever (I Was Wrong)
Rated: standard. It's five years since Danny last saw Steve, and it doesn't hurt any less. Danny/Steve, written for the 'test of time' square on my h50bingo card.

Stars In The Morning Sky (sequel to Kiss Me Before You Go)
Rated: standard. Danny doesn't have answers that don't hurt. Danny/Steve, written for the 'glow in the dark' square on my h50bingo card.

Kiss Me Before You Go
Rated: standard. Not everything is down to the Navy. Danny/Steve, written for the 'radio silence' square on my h50bingo card.

If That Diamond Ring Don't Shine
Rated: explicit (sex), mature (themes). Steve's shaking so bad he needs to pull the car over. Danny/Steve, post-ep for 2.13.

Soft As You Fortify (With Armor Spent)
Rated: mature (themes), explicit (sex). Steve stops taking his meds too soon, and Danny tries not to yell at him until he does. Danny/Steve, spanning the time between 2.10 and 2.11.

En Route
Rated: standard. The journey home is longer than a mere hop across the border. Danny/Steve, post-ep for 2.10.

Rated: not rated. Danny & Steve on a desert island vacation. Comment fic for delicatale.

Into The Enemy's Country
Rated: mature (themes), explicit (sex). Danny and Steve are together, but sometimes it feels like Steve's holding back and it's all too much work. Danny/Steve, written for five_0_frolic.

My One and Only Wrecking Ball
Rated: standard. Danny teaches Steve about Sunday mornings. Danny/Steve, written for kissemdanno.

Trapped (in her American circumstance)
Rated: mature (themes). That afternoon, there's a party at the McGarrett house. It's hot and uncomfortable, and some days Mary wishes she never followed her brother into the house. Gen.

All The Reasons (I Can Never Go Home Again)
Rated: standard. Mary misses the phone call that tells her of her father's death. Mary-centric gen.

Beneath Our Distant Sky (I Heard Your Voice)
Rated: standard. Mary Ann McGarrett can read cop shorthand, but not because she comes from a family of cops. This is why, instead. Mary-centric gen.

The Ceremony of Innocence
Rated: standard. The day Blaine came out, the world shifted, and nothing was the same again. Kurt/Blaine.

All The White Horses
Rated: open. Missing scene ficlet for Never Been Kissed. Kurt/Blaine, pre-slash.

Alles Was Zählt (All stories are Deniz/Roman unless stated otherwise.)
Change The Colors Of The Sky (The Way You Loved Me)
Rated: standard. After five years, Deniz goes back to Munich to see his mother. Written for queer_fest. Past Roman/Deniz.

Shadow Upon These Walls
Rated: standard. AU. Marc and Roman in a universe where Roman and Deniz never got back together. Marc/Roman, past Roman/Deniz.

Because A Girl Needs A Gun These Days
Rated: standard. Future fic in which Deniz confronts his own feelings about his sexuality when Flo's daughter comes out. Written for queer_fest.

Left Of Centre
Rated: open. Roman is having an off day, and Deniz tries to keep him afloat. Written for lefaym's birthday.

Rated: standard. When Flo asks for advice, Deniz tells him the truth about his own recent history.

Hiding the Words (That Don't Come Out)
Rated: mature (themes). Secrets can leave damage in a relationship, even once they've been revealed.

Empty Skies
Rated: standard. John comes back from a war with a bum leg and hooks up with a man who mysteriously cures that. Until he's blasted at with a bomb and life-changing realisations, and really, what did he expect? John/Sherlock.

This Gold Thread
Rated: standard. Space AU. John's missing and Sherlock never stops looking. So here he is, on this planet where they keep telling a story known as the Legend of John, having tea with its greatest expert on that tale. Originally a consci_fan_mo entry. John/Sherlock.

Burning Up Through Your Veins
Rated: standard. Sherlock is aware of his own tolerance for John's presence. But the implications of this are not as easily dealt with. John/Sherlock.

Rated: standard. The topic of childhood comes up, and John is curious. Gen.

Merlin (All stories are Arthur/Merlin unless stated otherwise.)
At the Close of the Day.
Rated: standard. Being the prince of Camelot means the responsibilities of command, and Merlin can only try to be supportive when things go wrong. (pre-slash)

No One Ever Talked in the Darkness
Rated: mature (sex), mature (themes). Written for kinkme_merlin. There is something about Merlin, a shadow Arthur can't put his finger on.

Somersault (Noun); a Falling or Tumbling Head Over Heels
Rated: explicit (sex). Written for help_haiti, for alba17. Arthur and Merlin have this thing going on, that Arthur doesn't want to put a name to. Merlin smiles a lot. Schmoop, as per the prompt.

I Only Come Home
Rated: mature (themes). Modern AU, in which Arthur meets Merlin, lets him go, and struggles with his empty and painful life. Enter Merlin again, stage left.

Rated: standard. Sometimes, Merlin dreams of losing Arthur.

Fire Favours (Those That Favour Fire)
Rated: standard. Merlin has a bad day, and gets sneezed on. But one thing leads to another.

Future Writ in Blood
Rated: standard. Pre-slash. Merlin ponders Arthur's eventual fate.

EastEnders (All stories are Christian/Syed unless stated otherwise.)
Have and Hold
Rated: mature (sex). Missing scene for July 16, 2010. Syed comes home with Christian.

And When I Went, You Were There With Me
Rated: standard. Christian doesn't talk about his nightmares as long as Syed is still recovering.

Rivers In Egypt
Rated: standard. In this relationship, there's as much Syed has to learn as he has to un-learn.

These Four Walls
Rated: standard. Guilt keeps Syed awake at 3 a.m.

Torchwood (All stories are Jack/Ianto unless stated otherwise.)
For Never Is My Name
Rated: standard. This is why the slow path is so hard. Jack-centric gen.

Giving Diamonds to the Sea
Rated: standard. It was a small thing, but in the end, Ianto couldn't abandon Jack. Hypothermia fic, written for spoggly for help_haiti.

writerinadrawer entries
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
Rated: standard. Toshiko after Greeks Bearing Gifts.
Rated: standard. Ianto wakes up in hospital after Canary Wharf to be told of Lisa's death.
We Built an Army Full of Tender Bodies
Rated: standard. Ianto has one tangible reminder from Canary Wharf.
The Wonders of the Universe
Rated: standard. Not all aliens and artefacts are out to kill you.
Rated: standard. Artefact retrieval from near power lines. Who do you ask?
Team Up
Rated: open. Tosh needs a favour.
Rated: open. Tosh-centric drabble.

No Pray'r Accepted, No Wish Resigned
Rated: standard. Jack asks Ianto, "why me?" Remix of Choose the Encumbered by neon_footprint for the remixredux09 challenge community.

It's Over Now
Rated: explicit (sex). Contains kink, consensual d/s relationship. Jack and Ianto between Cyberwoman and Greeks Bearing Gifts.

A Flower at the Grave
Rated: explicit (sex). Jack/omc. A night from Jack's past, in the trenches of World War I.

I Do What I Can
Rated: standard. Ianto could have lived very happily without the adrenaline and adventure.

Past the City
Rated: mature (sex). Short fic. Ianto and Jack, late at night, and a conversation about wants and needs.

Tracing Patterns
Rated: mature (sex). Jack is trying to figure Ianto out, but never quite seems to grasp what's going on.

Rated: standard. It's cold, it's snowing, the year-that-never-was is only just over, and Jack's looking for a soft place to fall.

For Your Convenience, Dispatching Forthwith
Rated: standard. Jack watches Ianto deal with the scum of the universe.

Sound of a Trembling Heart
Rated: standard. Ianto learns about giving and receiving comfort.

Rated: mature (sex). Ianto(/Lisa), solo sex.
Not What You Expected
Rated: explicit (sex). Jack/Ianto, aliens made them do it, with a side order of SUV.
I'm Sorry, I Have a Boyfriend
Rated: explicit (sex). Yvonne Hartman/Lisa Hallett, alien tech made them do it.

(Hoping To Get Close To) A Peace I Cannot Find
Rated: standard. Set around the episode Something Borrowed. A look at Ianto and why he danced with Jack. Written for the lgbtfest.

Cheese (writing exercise)
Rated: standard. I was challenged. Basically, Jack plus anything will always equal sex.

This Life Is Living
Rated: standard. Ritual post-Countrycide fic. Jack takes Ianto home.

Sun Rise
Rated: standard. Jack's disappeared with some aliens, and all Ianto can do is wait for him.

Before I Sleep
Rated: standard. A year-that-never-was story. Jack spends a lot of time trying not to think. Originally a consci_fan_mo entry.

Neither Are We Angels
Rated: standard. Cyberwoman fic. Three moments Ianto lived with the shadow of Lisa. Originally a consci_fan_mo entry.

Like Glass So Bright
Rated: standard. Follows the novel "Almost Perfect". The memory pills bring up memories Ianto would rather not remember. Idea from this fic by misswinterhill. Originally a consci_fan_mo entry.

Rated: standard. Post-Exit Wounds, an incident in the hub makes something clear to Jack.

Rated: standard. Post-Journey's End. Jack returns to the hub and struggles to adjust to his life, and finds something has to give.
1 - return ...
2 - feels like ...
3 - strike ...
4 - ...lessness
5 - too close to ...

'Effects' series (WIP)
1: To Affect (Verb), Effect (Noun)
Rated: standard. Ianto gets mugged while Jack is away, leading Gwen to take care of him.
2: Is Affecting (Present Continuous)
Rated: standard. Ianto tries to cope with the aftermath on his own.

The Education of Ianto Jones
Rated: mature (themes), mature (sex). Ianto lives in a world of straight couples while dating Jack.
Note: This fic has a sequel, written for the Timestamp Meme, called The Perception of Ianto Jones.

These Broken Hearts We Mend
Rated: standard. Late at night, after sex, Jack and Ianto talk. Really talk.

Rated: mature (sex). Ten times story. Jack asks Ianto to trust him.

Rated: standard. Ianto is having a very, very bad morning.
Note: This fic has two sequels, written for the Timestamp Meme, called Malfunction & Reconnection.

Rated: standard, written for the fear challenge at lovingthecoat. Jack discovers Ianto is afraid of something.

Rated: standard. Second post-Exit Wounds fic. In the aftermath, the team tentatively reach out to each other.

A Fine Line Divides
Rated: mature (sex). Ever wondered how Jack and Ianto fight? This is my take on it.

Rated: standard. Ianto's hurt. Pure hurt/comfort fluff.

Check Your Weapons at the Door
Rated: standard. The obligatory post-Adrift fic. Conversation between Jack and Ianto about how to move forward after the events of the episode and Ianto's betrayal.
Note: This fic has a pre-quel, written for the Timestamp Meme, called Skin Deep.

To Be Forsaken or Deserted
Rated: standard. Obligatory post-Meat fic. Jack remembers something from his past in the wake of Gwen's departure from the hub.

Battles and Wars, Scars and Loss
Rated: standard. Ianto suffers from nightmares and tries to cope.
1 - Army of Ghosts
2 - End of Days
3 - Countrycide
4 - Fragments
5 - Last of the Time Lords
6 - Adam
7 - Epilogue

Counting the Days
Rated: standard. Obligatory End of Days fic. Ianto watches the weeks go by after Jack took off.

Quiet the World Can Be
Rated: standard. First obligatory post-Exit Wounds fic. Jack and Ianto's relationship changes after what's happened with Gray.

Trying to Reconcile
Rated: standard. Jack and Ianto's relationship from Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang to To the Last Man.
Part one
Part two

Will Be There Still
Rated: standard. Missing scenes for episode 1-12 of season 2. Fluff.
Part one
Part two

The Still of the Night (link goes to to
Rated: standard. Archer/Reed. The morning after, Expanse style, is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Never Again (link goes to to
Rated: standard. Post midnight on Day 1, Tony reflects on his day and makes himself a promise.

Safe (link goes to to
Rated: standard. Short vignette set after Guilt, as Harm waits for news of Mac.

Say Grace (link goes to to
Rated: standard. Set after Answered Prayers. Harmon Rabb can't let something important go unsaid.

due South
Third Table on the Left (link goes to to
Rated: standard. Ray K. finds out just why women attracted to Fraser make the Mountie so nervous, when he finds himself in that position at a local restaurant.
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