Vera S. (verasteine) wrote,
Vera S.

Now that we're back, some housekeeping.

I was affected by the LJ outage, but am back and restored! This means all my fic can be read again, but one unlucky reader got stuck on chapter 11 of the art of leaving and saying goodbye, and I was unable to refer her to a mirror site as the fic is only hosted here.

Now, since I still don't like the AO3/OTW sufficiently to crosspost there, I've decided to go back to mirroring this space on DreamWidth. Therefore, I will periodically import the journal (I'm currently waiting in the queue), and should LJ go down or become inaccessible for you, dear readers, for some reason, you can hop over there. Please note this is not a real time mirror and the DW journal won't function as an alternative space if you prefer it over there.

Due to the automatic nature of DW imports, all links will refer you back to LJ, so you will have to navigate by tags, and not by the master list that's there, but I hope that this minor inconvenience is still better than nothing.

As for me, if not available via LJ, I can be reached @ twitter, at WordPress, on Tumblr, at Goodreads, and of course, at verasteine (at) gmail (dot) com. LiveJournal and Twitter are still my primary homes as I have a fraught relationship with Tumblr (let's face it, it's pretty, but otherwise I hate it) and only use WordPress for the non-fannish things.
Tags: announcing at large, introduction, my ianto-ness is awesome, plotting world domination, tech stuff, zeh flist

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