Vera S. (verasteine) wrote,
Vera S.

Still alive.

Now also in sneezing and congested stage of infestation, but at least less trying to turn myself inside out while coughing. Mind you, cough medicine has the most disgusting name (mucodyne, really?) and tastes like flavoured paint thinner (or how I would imagine paint thinner tastes), but it works, so I forgive them these failures. My therapist chided me gently for showing up in my congested state and took the opportunity to talk about self-care. Hmph, yes, she may have a point there.

Here, have a gif, because I'm out of witticisms or thinky thoughts.

Steve -- emo blink
Tags: infested by flu bugs, rl, rl ate me, touchy-feely stuff, your picture window into my world

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