Vera S. (verasteine) wrote,
Vera S.

Freight Shift!

a.k.a. one of those days I attempt to persuade my body it's really normal to get up at six am for no good reason other than that I must earn a living and this is my career now. Whyyyyyyy? I wanna sleep.

Yes, I whine about this every time. But instead of a cookie, I'll give you some gifs to make it worth your while.

You see, this would make it worth my while:
Steve -- random appearance, walking nngh

But do I get that? Noooo. I roughly resemble this:
animals -- kitten miaowing

...and this...
cat SAIL!

...and this.
Danny -- colour -- snagging coffee 2.19

This was this week's edition of my life in .gif form, thank you for playing and good night er, morning. Urgh.
Tags: mroaw! vera can bitch with the best, my brain hurts from thinking, random is random, rl, your picture window into my world

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