Vera S. (verasteine) wrote,
Vera S.

Still alive!

Well, still coughing my lungs out but the misery is much less. If it goes on for much longer, I'll consult my GP, but I'm not suffering, so it's all good.

My therapist may have had a point about me needing more breaks, I'm not telling. I'm trying to get my flat in order for when eumelia comes over on Saturday, and well. It may be a bit of a mess. Again, I'm not telling. But I'll be showing her my city and not be going to work in the mean time, which will be great. Three more shifts before freeeedooommmm!

Oh! I've been watching Borgen, which is indeed Europe's answer to The West Wing, albeit a bit slower and with more women. Also, continental European, which means everything actually makes sense and everyone has lives that look like mine! It's strangely fun when that happens. But I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet.

Work is... I have a love-hate relationship with super sales. On the one hand, it makes selling easy and more fun, keeps the pace high, etc. On the other hand, the logistical management is a nightmare. Equally, every time my manager goes on holiday I'm reminded why I like being the assistant manager rather than the one where the buck stops. It's not that I can't hack it, it's that I don't enjoy that part of the job. Certainly not when there's invariably a crisis (or three) to deal with, or I uncover a fraud five minutes before the end of my shift, or I have to correct other people's errors... etcetera. It's easier when there's someone you can hand some things off to, or at least talk it over with. Manager away while the super sales are on? Yeah.

But, this too shall end! And then I'll be taking eumelia to the mini city, we'll eat stroopwafels (local biscuit/delicacy), and we'll stare at all the old buildings like palaces and houses of parliament. It shall be glorious.
Tags: bassett allsorts, infested by flu bugs, me, my ianto-ness is awesome, rl

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