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Left it in my other coat...

...I wonder what it is

Vera S.
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I'm twenty-something, white, cis, female, atheist, feminist, socialist, straight, clever, not-quite-sane, Dutch, slash author. I'm a fanfic writer since I was old enough to make up stories, have been actively writing since fourteen. The real bulk of what you'll find on this journal is from the last few years, and I'm usually active in one fandom at the time.

I rant a lot, I do memes, I write about random things, about politics, about fandom; really, anything that catches my fancy. Some of these things are flocked. I like music, but I don't blog much about it. I'm an avid but selective reader. I'm too well organised for my own good.

I have a high enough opinion of myself to offer the following. A link to my masterlist, where you can find all my fic. A link to my thinky thoughts, where you can find my longwinded rants on diverse topics. And a link to my rec list, where I tag, summarise, and comment on fic for the perusing convenience of myself and others.

Friends are always welcome. Housekeeping & rules are here, which includes information on the use of trigger warnings and what sort of safe space I try to achieve in this journal.

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